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We are a commercial powder coating plant with a tradition since 1999.

Our coating plant is equipped with modern technologies for application of powder coating materials and their subsequent curing. Including technologies for pre-treatment of iron, aluminium or galvanised products. We offer mechanical pre-treatment by manual and robotic blasting or chemical pre-treatment by phosphating to our customers.

We ensure coating also for products with excessive dimensions with a length up to 8,000 mm, width up to 2,500 mm and height up to 2,800 mm and with a maximum weight of 2,500 kg. Or conversely, minor parts in series, or we deal with coating of piece jobs according to customer wishes.

We place great emphasis on proper pre-treatment of products, whether by degreasing, blasting or phosphating. It is just this factor that is the most important for the final appearance of the product. All the above-mentioned technologies are in our ownership, which means that it is not necessary to arrange for any cooperation. We supply products in very short delivery terms.

All our procedures applied are subject to our developed quality management system meeting all requirements specified by the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 standard.

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